Cheat Sheet Q&A: The rest of the story - 271 people have already been killed by Islamic terror in 2017:

Cheat Sheet Q&A: The rest of the story - 271 people have already been killed by Islamic terror in 2017:

Today's entry: If memory serves the England attack is the first act of terror since Germany's Christmas incident. That would make this the first terror attack to occur since Trump became President. Do you think this will impact President Trump's ability to gain traction with his refugee ban?

Bottom Line: Where to begin...I understand why the last act of Islamic terrorism that you recall was the attack in the German Christmas market but it's far from the last Islamic terror attack that's occurred. In fact there have been 10 Islamic terror attacks in 2017 prior to the attack in London. The media just never took the time to really inform you as to what Islamic terrorism has been up to when it hasn't been so sensational and fit the political narrative they've been advancing. Here's the rest of the story:

271 people have already been murdered in Islamic terror attacks world-wide in 2017. Here's a breakdown of where they occurred:

  • Afghanistan: 4
  • Iraq: 2
  • Pakistan: 2
  • Egypt: 1
  • Syria 1

Among those killed in terror attacks in these countries are six Red Cross workers by ISIS fighters. Seven people inside a bank. Two Christians who were abducted and murdered walking home from church in Egypt. Now what's important about this narrative as it applies to the root of this question? You wanted to know if a reminder of Islamic terror would potentially wake Americans up to the realities of the risks to Islamic terrorism once again (I think that's what you're getting at anyway...). 

On one-hand it's easy for the media to ignore the severity of the Islamic terror attacks of 2017 until now due to the attacks being isolated in the middle-east. On the other hand what was/is the very point of the travel ban? To keep un-vetted refugees from the middle-east from coming in the the US! Ironic isn't it. Remember what I frequently say about media bias. The most pervasive form isn't what you're presented with. It's what's omitted.  Perhaps if Americans were aware that 11 terror attacks killing 271 people have already occurred in 2017 (almost all of which were in countries targeted by the travel ban), the ideologues in politics and the media who place their political preferences above people wouldn't be able to get away with their BS. But how likely is that to occur?

How many people even remember that the Islamic terror attack on the campus of Ohio State less than four months ago was conducted by a - wait for it - Somali refugee? I suspect that even you - who's diligent enough to listen to this show to attempt to stay informed forgot that critically relevant detail...Let alone those who don't. 

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