Q&A: West Palm Beach's Welcoming City status revisited:

Q&A: West Palm Beach's Welcoming City status revisited:

Today's entry: Brian, after reading today's front page lead article in our local mackerel wrapper, I can't help but think that West Palm Beach is now a full-blown sanctuary city.

Bottom Line: I've continued to receive feedback/concern related to West Palm Beaches', "Welcoming City" resolution, passed at last week's meeting. As I cited last week  "... in essence the resolution says a lot but always says that the federal and state law must be adhered to. This is the very essence of political posturing. If anyone does find that laws are being ignored but otherwise this is just the latest effort by the city to try to insert itself into geopolitics (kind of like when WPB banned official city travel to North Carolina when the gender ID bathroom ban passed in the state even through no travel to North Carolina was planned or is standard for the city)."

That's essentially verified with Mayor Muoio's statement in the aforementioned Palm Beach Post piece:

“We want people to feel welcome to use city services if they’re eligible for them, as anyone else would be eligible. And it also said in the resolution, very clearly, that we were going to obey all state and federal laws and case law. And any warrants that were appropriately served, we would implement.”

As the attorney general pointed out last week - there are many definitions and standards that are applied to "sanctuary cities". The Justice Department's perspective is colored by those who actually take action to defy federal detainers . They've produced two lists of true defiance of law.

Reviewing the list I found the following:

1. Request denied in Broward County on January 30th

2. St. Lucie County - request denied on February 8th

There's no evidence of any action that reaching the "sanctuary city" threshold under the Trump administration has yet occurred within Palm Beach County.

Here's a link to the actual resolution: 


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