Q&A - The implications of O'Reilly's departure from Fox:

Q&A - The implications of O'Reilly's departure from Fox:

Today's entry: Hey Brian, This is weighing heavy on my mind and I am only expressing this since you are with FOX and I am a listener and a fan. I am so saddened and upset , I just feel if Donald Trump was not our President, O'Reilly would not have been fired… I am normally a very positive person but hearing, after 20 years, a kind compassionate man like Mr. O' Reilly being fired is very disturbing. His show taught me over the years to see things objectively. I've read some of his books , he is not a monster . The left cannot accept the truth. If the fans and viewers of the conservatives don’t fight back I am afraid we will lose our voices for good. Don’t you fear losing your radio voice?  I feel this is what the liberals are fighting so hard to do and I am hopeful  the good people like Rush, Hannity and you will stay strong and survive. 

Bottom Line: I'm happy to be an outlet you feel safe venting to. It's understandable. No one ever said this would be easy right? I'm actually doing a speech today that will encompass elements of this very topic: http://gopclubpb.org/ 

As for Bill O'Reilly, I'm surprised by the way that it all went down and I don't know what the truth is regarding the allegations (though millions aren't often paid to settle nothing) but I do think his ouster isn't related to the election outcome. Behind the scenes he wasn't a saint. I've known a couple of people who worked with him over the years and the depiction of his temperament when he wasn't happy was less than stellar to say the least. This video was leaked several years ago, showing a depiction of how he could go off on people behind the scenes (don't watch if foul language would upset you): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy-Y3HJNU_s . Whatever the truth is with Bill O'Reilly's situation, I think that the absence of those who worked with him rallying to his defense is potentially telling.

When one is such a big target, as he was/is, you have to play it especially straight. I'm personally saddened to see the outcome because I do believe he added a lot of insight into the news of the day. I don't necessarily feel sorry for him however because I don't believe you should treat people the way he'd been known to do in his worst moments (the aforementioned video being an example of one of those moments). Aside from his specific situation...

Conservatives have been trained towards defensiveness. Republicans hold more elective offices than they have at any point since the 1920's and most of us still feel as though we're on defense. If the general media still had as much influence as most conservatives seemed to be concerned about them having there's no way that Republicans would hold so many offices (let alone Donald Trump being elected President).  

I do have concerns about the effort to silence right-leaning media but they aren't new just different. I didn't mention it at the time but the strongest effort I've personally been faced with was in 2012. As part of the Rush boycott effort early that year, leftist groups tried to get me fired as well. As part of that effort every company that advertised during Rush was targeted nationally and locally and every company I endorsed was targeted as well. To their credit every company I endorsed stayed with me. That was huge. Locally only one company backed out of advertising on WJNO during that effort - it's one more reason I'm grateful to our advertisers. I still thinks this comes down to listeners like you, rather than bigots on the left. Keep your head up.

Best wishes & know that you're winning - even if it doesn't feel that way at the moment.

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