Cheat Sheet Q&A: What's behind choosing a political path in life:

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Cheat Sheet Q&A: What's behind choosing a political path in life:

Today's entry: Hi Brian, For the third time now it is me Jake the 13 year old. I was wondering about a topic that could relate to you but also relates to a few other people. As many know you built a business (with the help of your father) and made a lot of money. You are a hard working person who has earned your money and you understand the real world. That is part of the reason you are conservative. What I don’t understand is why some people who have worked for their money (like George Soros and Warren Buffet) that also understand how tough the making money is, are liberal. It doesn’t make sense because they understand that they have to work for their money but then are aiding people like Hillary Clinton who wants to tax them and take their money and give it to the poor. Why would they do this? Thank you for answering my question.

Bottom Line: It's always a pleasure to be able to address the questions posed by a future President of the United States...I'll take this one in two pieces.

I can't pinpoint the exact moment in life in which I said, yep that's what I identify with politically. This might sound odd or hokey but being a child of the 80's, growing up in the era of Reagan - I was the real-life, slightly younger version of Alex Keaton (character in the popular 80's TV show Family Ties). My dad didn't sit me down and tell me how I should view the world politically. I was already there. I'm Catholic and we were the family who went to church weekly, had Catholic schooling and despite my resistance to want to answer my father in the car when he called on me to ask what I took away from mass (he would frequently do this to ensure that his children were paying attention) I took my faith seriously at a young age. Add in that even as a child I was constantly looking for ways to earn money and it was as natural as natural could be to be drawn towards limited government principals. 

As I became older and more thoughtful I questioned everything - even God. It's the blessing and the curse of truly applying analytical thought. I found myself actually pulling the political platforms of the Democrats and Republicans and comparing them side by side to ensure that what I identified with was truly what I most agreed with. So by the time I was a young adult and had my business and began my radio career I was already well politically inclined and defined. Perhaps surprisingly - I'm actually more politically moderate today than I was at 18. The difference being that I've moderated on many social issues while I'm as conservatively resolute as ever on fiscal matters.

In trying to explain why the Buffet's of the world end up the way they do/have politically I have a few thoughts to offer up. First, my father who's more conservative than I am, was a Democrat from New York. He explains that the last Democrat that he voted for was JFK. He'll tell you that not only did the party leave him in the 60's but that JFK would be a Republican today (which if you take a look at policy is absolutely correct). That's leads to the first point. Many successful adults who are older and grew up in that era were Democrats from another era. 

The Kennedy Democrats of the early 60's are vastly different than the Obama\Pelosi Democrats of today. Some have chosen to stand by their political party while others have been led down a primrose path. The primrose path can be easy to understand. 

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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