Pt 2 Q&A: What's behind choosing a political path in life:

Pt 2 Q&A: What's behind choosing a political path in life:

Continuing... If you listen to some of the platitudes of politicians like President Obama - its easy to be lured into the message if you don't pay attention the outcome. For example if healthcare really were $2500 cheaper per year per family for better care who wouldn't want that? But those of us who're considered, thinking, pragmatic people knew that he was lying because what he proposed only exacerbated the cost factors in healthcare.

That's just one example. When it doesn't work out it's justified by virtue of trying to help people. It's an emotional based political philosophy. It's not based in real outcomes but rather what the intent was of leftist policy.  That leads me to the final point. Some people simply view the world differently. They believe that if the government can help people it should. I've actually had a highly successful person argue this point with me...Charities vs. government assistance. As I've stated previously - the average charity has an 80% efficiency rating while the average federal government assistance program only rates at 18%. His argument was what about the 18%? Even if the government is inefficient it still does help people so you can't choose to not help those people. And at that moment there's little anyone can do. If it's one's belief that the government's role is to "help" people, rather than to set the stage for people to be able to help themselves (with high quality charitable organizations leading in assistance for those in need)- it's unlikely you'll ever change their perspective - regardless of their means. 

$373 billion was donated to charity in the US in 2015. That's $373 billion given up by Americans by choice. For many people who aren't charitable - they don't understand the concept that if Americans retained more of their money through lower taxes and a less bloated government - they'd donate even more to charity and thus would be able to help many more people more efficiently than the federal government. But this takes me full circle...

For many, politics is their religion and that's actually the basis for where my political disposition developed. Many have a void in their life where I believe God should be. Political disposition, I believe for many if not most, is a reflection of what's inside - or what isn't as the case may unfortunately be. 

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