Tracking Trump - The President's approval ratings for 5-5-17:

Tracking Trump - The President's approval 5-5-17:   

Bottom Line: This is one of two weekly tracking stories to get a reality/temperature check with regard to what's really going on with public opinion of the PresidentIn this series we'll track the high point, low point and current ratings and week over week comparisons. 

  • Trump's lowest ratings: 40.4% approval and 52.8% disapprove: -12.3% (4/7/17)

  • Trump highest approval ratings were an average 45.2% approval and 43% disapproval +2.2% (1/27/17)    

  • Trump's current ratings: 45% approval and 50.5% disapprove: -5.5%

President Trump just had the biggest weekly improvement in his net approval rating that's occurred thus far. The improvement was +3.9%. Also of great significance - while President Trump's net approval rating is negative - he's tied his highest average approval rating at 45%. This is notable as it demonstrates that his recent leadership has allowed him to regain the support that he had at the onset of his Presidency. 

The next week should be effectual in getting a sense of what Americans think of the budget deal and the House Republicans "American Healthcare Act" passage. I suspect the President's approval rating could reflect the public's view of these pieces of legislation. If nothing else one of the biggest knocks on the President by his critics had been addressed. The charge that he can't govern. 

The variance between pollsters was 9 points this week. At the peak there was a 27% disparity between accredited pollsters. The range this week is Economist/You Gov -1% to Gallup -10% - which is the 1% wider than last week. So until next week...

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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