Hidden factors that most commonly equal successful weight loss/healthier eating:

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Hidden factors that most commonly equal successful weight loss/healthier eating:

Bottom Line: The not so good news is that more of us than ever before need to loss weight. The better news is that a record number of us are trying to do so. As a result a record amount of research is being done to attempt to find best practices to maximize success. I love the behavioral side of research generally. Whatever our weakness might be , if we can better understand the behavior that leads to us making mistakes, we stand a better chance of having success with our goals. 

Gallup completed a study of more than 177,000 adults who have successfully engaged in healthy eating habits - not those seeking to diet but those who're having success in maintaining a sustainable diet. Here were the top three outcomes behaviorally that they discovered. People who are able to sustain healthy eating habits.

#3: My relationship with my spouse, partner or closest friend is stronger than ever

#2: Your friends and family give you positive energy every day

#1: Someone in your life always encourages you to be healthy

There's a pretty clear trend right? If your personal life is happy, your waist-line is far more likely to be where you'd like it to be. What this also demonstrates for those seeking to lose weight and/or engage a healthier lifestyle. You'll have a real up hill battle on your hands if you don't have these components in place at home. So if you're seeking to maximize your health and/or lose weight - starting with your personal relationships is the best place to start if there's work to be done.

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