How much of your day to day work life is determined specifically by your boss?

How much of your day to day work life is determined specifically by your boss vs the company?:

Bottom Line: Ironically I had a related conversation to this topic with someone within the past week and having been with iHeart for nearly 20 years I've spoken to many about this topic over the years. How often have you, or heard someone around you, talk about "the company". As good consumer brand managers know "the company" is the person interacting with a customer at any given time. But what about employees? Who is "the company" to them?

Gallup researched this topic and found something extremely instructive. 70% of the workplace culture and day-to-day work life is determined by the manager they report to. Only 30% of the average workday is a corporate dictate/culture. This can be a critically important piece of info for someone who's making a significant career decision based on displeasure with "the company". If you'd been happy with the company you work for previously - is it really the company that's changed or is it really an issue with your manager? The odds are it's your manager. You might be far better off seeking a solution with that manager or within a different capacity in that company, rather than changing jobs and joining a potentially inferior company simply to escape a manager you aren't on the same page with or who isn't very good at managing.

This research made me think about my career both as a manager and as an employee. I've had six different direct reports during the course of my career. Each of those experiences was different. While the industry has vastly changed over the years - it's actually the management that's had the biggest change on the day to day culture. It's something we all should be mindful of...both as employees and employers as the case may be...

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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