Workplace politics - Who feels it the most & an idea of how Palm Beach County compares:

Workplace politics - Who feels it the most & an idea of how Palm Beach County compares:

Bottom Line: We all know that the once, mostly unspoken, rule of the workplace regarding politics has gone the way of say, credibility at the Washington Post. For awhile I thought that political discussion in the workplace was just an occupational hazard of what I do for a living (you might be surprised but I never talk politics at work outside of the studio unless I'm prompted to do so) until I saw all of the research on just how pervasive political angst in the workplace was during the 2016 cycle.

As most of us are all too aware, many are still in denial having yet to accept the outcome of the voting of their fellow Americans. This has commonly resulted in increased political banter in the workplace since President Trump was inaugurated. According to Gallup 58% say that political discussion in the workplace has actually increased since Trump took office. 

Many have chosen to attempt to exact revenge by ensuring that those who are known to have voted for Trump hear about their against. But it appears as though the tone is set by the political geography. Here's an excerpt from Gallup's most recent findings:

The data show that workers who live in counties where Clinton received a larger percentage of the vote are more likely to report their company's leadership has communicated with workers about politics. And workers living in more Democratic environs also are more likely to say the people around them at work have been discussing political issues more often.

Thus, a Republican living in a more Democratic county is more likely to confront political discussion in the workplace, in turn making it more likely that their personal political orientation would be conspicuous or out of sync with what is being discussed.

Democrats living in Republican environments would be less susceptible to concern over their personal politics, it follows, if there is less discussion of politics at work in general

So if you're a Trump supporter in Palm Beach County lucky you. Clinton beat Trump in PBC 56% to there's a much greater chance that you're subjected to unwanted, left leaning, political opinion in the workplace. This also demonstrates something that most politically astute people who lean right already know. We're more inclined to put our head down and take care of business at work. Those who lean left are far more likely to be hyper-partisan in the workplace (which I'd imagine isn't exactly the most productive thing they could be doing). 

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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