Hysterical headlines of the day 5-26-17:

Hysterical headlines of the day 5-26-17:

Bottom Line: Lately, I've ID'd some in the media as generally being Godless, soulless and slanderous (mostly tongue in cheek😊 - except for the slanderous part - that's pretty real). I've decided to grab some of the most outrageous headlines to illustrate the point of just how outrageous it's become. Here are today's examples:

So we kick things off with a breathtaking piece about how Trump said stuff that sounded shifty about Russia. It must be Watergate! Impeach! We then continue with the ever condescending New York Times...of which I feel compelled to point out is worth less as a company than Donald Trump is as a person but I'm sure they're really wiz bang smarter and stuff. Then USA Today weighs in...I feel embarrassed for them they apparently out kicked their coverage in attempting to cleverly insult the Republican's healthcare bill. Here's the definition of indict:

in·dictinˈdīt/verb NORTH AMERICANpast tense: indicted; past participle: indicted

  1. formally accuse of or charge with a serious crime.

    "his former manager was indicted for fraud"

    synonyms:charge with, accuse of, arraign for, take to court for, put on trial for, bring to trial for, prosecute for; More

Forgive them. They're apparently not too bright. 

Until Tuesday...

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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