The Healthcare fix & why the GOP plan is only 50% less awful:

The Healthcare fix & why the GOP plan is only 50% less awful:

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation. In 2015, 25% of adults, or 42+ million people WITH health insurance couldn't afford healthcare due to the out-of-pocket costs associated with high deductibles. Rather than being forced to pay premiums for health insurance that a quarter of the country couldn't afford to use, imagine if they could actually use the majority of that money being spent on premiums for actual healthcare!  

The average total cost for a single insurance plan in 2015 was $6251 (average family plan was $17,545) 

Would someone be better off taking over $6,000 and actually shopping for healthcare needs throughout the year or would they better off paying the premiums and not seeking healthcare, regardless of need, because they can't afford additional out-of-pocket expense? It's not my intent to be insulting. The current system is like a drug. People have gotten used to it and even common sense solutions to break away from it seem somehow harder to imagine than the current mess that exists.  

The most important part of the reform is the implementation of cost transparency for us - the consumers of healthcare. Right now there virtually isn't any transparency and thus costs of everything are masked. I've shared information/researched with regularity that demonstrates that the cost for like medical services range by up to 1000%. How do you have any clue as to if you're patronizing the medical facility that'll charge you $1 for the service or if you're visiting the facility that's charging $1000, if you don't have any cost transparency?  

As for all ongoing concerns regarding chronic ailments, etc. There are already a myriad of options available, that many would likely seek to supplement their coverage. Millions of people seek supplemental insurance from companies like Aflac just as most seniors on Medicare purchase supplemental insurance to augment it as well.  

The question is if we actually want solutions or if we want to continue down this failed path with healthcare becoming less accessible by the year - especially for those who're insured.

(why we need to stay focused on the healthcare agenda)

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