This is still about Islam - The shocking number of terror attacks per day world-wide:

This is still about Islam - The shocking number of terror attacks per day world-wide:

Bottom Line: The most recent London terror attack once again grabbed world headlines and the attention of those who aren't even causal news observers. What continues to not make news is most of everything else that happens on a daily basis in the name of Islamic terror but is generally omitted from the news that you're exposed to.  Did you know for example that the London terror attack was only the 3rd deadliest Islamic terror attack on Saturday? There were a total of five terror attacks on Saturday alone killing a total of 74 people (seven of which were in London). But those other attacks likely weren't really on your radar. 

In fact, through Saturday there had been a total of 911 Islamic terror attacks killing 6,506 people and injuring an additional 7,171. I suspect that's new to you. For perspective this is what the average day looks like for Islamic terror word-wide:

  • 6 terror attacks
  • 43 dead
  • 47 additional injuries

Ok, where to begin. My issues begin with those who foster the most extreme views within Islam. That commonly is found in the form of Sharia law. So as a reset, Sharia law is use of Islamic law in Governance of a country, territory, etc. Sharia is also is the basis for punishment as it applies to those who don't adhere to the tenants of Islam which can (and often does result in) the stoning of homosexuals, women who have sex out of wedlock, punishment of "infidels", etc. The literal interpretation of Sharia is the basis and justification for Islamic terrorists.  

There are currently twelve countries that govern according to Sharia:  

  • Afghanistan  
  • Indonesia 
  • Iran  
  • Iraq  
  • Maldives  
  • Mauritania  
  • Nigeria  
  • Qatar  
  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Sudan  
  • UAE  
  • Yemen   

Additionally, there are 30 other countries that use tenants of Sharia within their governance without fully use of it as a legal system. You'll notice that every country that fully practices Sharia has been tied to terrorism within the US and/or our interests around the world (with the possible exception of Maldives). It's not a coincidence. Often this terrorist activity is either Government sponsored, or at a minimum, not inhibited by these countries. 

The Pew Research Center studied this topic in 2013 and found that all told about 51% of Muslims believe in Sharia law. That's where this becomes a much bigger issue. While most won't "radicalize" as terrorists, those who adhere to the strict tenants also have proven that they won't often stand in the way of those who do decide to join the caliphate. It's unfortunate that its "politically incorrect" for calling out people who believe that homosexuals should be stoned to death, as should women who don't adhere to their subservient roles in society. But it's that very political correctness that's getting people killed in terrorist attacks around the world. Make no mistake this is still about Islam, even if it isn't for you, it is for terrorists...

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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