Toll road to the Keys? There's a renewed push to get it done:

Toll road to the Keys? There's a renewed push to get it done:

Bottom Line: One of the rarest events to ever occur in the for a community to rid itself of a toll road. That's actually happened in the Florida Keys.  From 1938 (at the onset of the Overseas Highway) until 1954 there was a toll to use US 1 in the Keys. That's back when tolls weren't certain to remain in place forever to be used as permanent new taxes for greedy governments. Anyway what's old is new again. 

They've  been a few attempts to bring back tolls for to access the keys over the years but they obviously haven't gone anywhere. Most recently Monroe County passed a resolution to reintroduce tolls but the state and feds didn't act on it. 

There's a renewed effort underway in the Monroe County Commission that's gaining a bit more traction that's set for a vote on June 21st in Marathon. The key reasons being cited are:

  • 80% of keys traffic coming from cars traveling via US 1
  • Keys traffic continuing to spike (12.8% increase in 2016) 

The idea behind the tolls is that that might help alleviate traffic. I seriously doubt that outcome (I think it's about money), as I think few who'd be looking to vacation in the keys would choose to take an alternate travel method (remember they want the tourism - just not the cars) unless the toll is prohibitive in it's cost. 

While a lot has to happen before you'll be hit with a toll the next time you head south - it's becoming more likely that it could occur. 

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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