30 something is the new 20 something...More babies are being born later

30 something is the new 20 something...More babies are being born to women in the early 30's

Bottom Line: One trend has been consistently consistent over the past 50+ years. People are getting married later, having children later and have longer lives. That being said we now have a first. According to the most recent data from the CDC, more babies are being born to mothers in their early 30's as compared to their late 20's. The overall average age of a first time mother is 28 (when you factor in babies born at all ages). 

This is perhaps the natural progression of career oriented women in the workforce. During the Great Recession, for the first time, there were more women employed than men. While some of that was related to male dominated industries being hit the hardest (finance & construction for example), women are still about 50% of the overall workforce in the US. This has led to more women waiting later in life to marry and thus to start traditional family formation. What's noteworthy is that this trend may prove to be favorable for the next generation. Research from London's School of Economics has found that babies born to mothers in their 30's are generally: 

  • healthier
  • taller
  • have higher aptitude

So there could be some society based benefit overtime as well. The flip side of this outcome is that the US population is slowing to almost a halt. That is a headwind to future economic growth.

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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