Are you afraid of crowds or traveling due to terrorism? Fear has now reache

Are you afraid of crowds or traveling due to terrorism? Fear has now reached record levels:

Bottom Line: Take a moment and attempt to put yourself back into the mindset you had in the days after 9/11. Do you remember the sense of uncertainty you had? Do you remember feeling potentially vulnerable? I'll never forget a poll that was released in October of 2001. On the question of whether we thought there would be another terror attack in the United States within the next year, 91% of us said yes. Keep in mind this was a question being asked in the context of a 9/11 style attack - making it all the more alarming. Gallup has been polling every so often since the fall of 2001 on our feeling of security and it's impact on our lives. It's now the worst it's ever been. Worse than after 9/11! Here were the findings: 

  • 38% of us are less willing to attend events due to security fear
  • 46% of us are less willing to travel internationally due to security fears

Not only are those alarming numbers, but it's even more so in the context of the previous high - 32% (in early 2002). 

Is this true of you? Are you less likely to attend an event? Are you less likely to travel as freely as you were before? 

I'm not exactly the skiddish type. So it takes a lot to discourage me but it's impacted my decisions along the way. In the fall of 2001 I was engaged to be married to my first wife. In the days after 9/11 we switched plans to travel outside the US for our honeymoon because of travel related concerns. More recently Ashley, my wonderful wife who puts up with me, and I had plans to travel to Greece canceled (through the group we were booked with) due to the geopolitical issues. Whether you're afraid or not - it's a real consideration these days. And for many it's a fear.

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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