Updated - Why the refugee/travel ban matters and proof that it was never a

Updated - Why the refugee/travel ban matters and proof that it was never a "Muslim ban":

Bottom Line: Here are a couple of questions for you to ponder... How many refugees would you guess have been still coming to the US under the Trump administration? How many Muslim refugees do think would have come into the US within the first four full months of President Trump's administration? The answer (according to State Dept. data):

  • 16,261 refugees (Jan 20th thru May)
  • 6,243 are Muslim (38%)
  • 38% are from the countries that would have been covered by the original travel ban (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan & Yemen)

So with the President's travel ban going into effect Wednesday (aside from those with documented relations/business in the US already) we're set to see the extent of the lie of those who referred to the order as a "Muslim ban" (which also happened to be the irresponsible excuse used by activist courts to undermine it until the SCOTUS weighed in). The court ruled on the 2nd ban which was even less restrictive than the first (six countries covered compared to seven). Here are how many Muslim refugees will be brought into the US per day on average based on the flow through May:

  • 30 

That's right. We'll still be bringing in an average of 30 Muslim refugees per day with this ban. Watch leftists ignore this issue altogether now because it'll be easy to prove that they we're lying all along. It'll also be easy to prove that the President's political opposition, those in the courts and in Congress, were more interested in politics than national security. The media for it's part will ignore this altogether. Again the most pervasive form of media bias is omission. 

The President's travel ban is only for 90 days but even if it were in effect for an entire year we'd still pay to bring in 10,950 Muslim refugees. There are two sides to every story but just one side to facts. I suspect the rest of the media will be either too biased or too lazy to do the work to share this info with you so please share this story within your circle. This demonstrably proves that any argument centered on the notion of a "Muslim Ban" is absolutely false. 

Meanwhile, if I had any say in the matter there wouldn't be a single refugee of any religion coming into the US on my watch. I'm still trying to figure out why a country $20 trillion in debt is paying to import people that we then put on government assistance for nearly five years. All while we have 14.5% of Americans that already live below the poverty line. Misplaced priorities anyone? 

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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