Another update on Obamacare & it's even closer to collapse than two weeks a

Another update on Obamacare & it's even closer to collapse than two weeks ago - the latest:

Bottom Line: As the Republicans try to get their stuff together with their plan that is perhaps 60% less awful than Obamacare and will now wait for a vote until after Independence Day, we received yet another indication that the current system is collapsing right now. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid studies released yet another update yesterday that demonstrated how dire replacing Obamacare is for those that do want access to health insurance. Here's the latest:

  • 49 counties won't have any insurance companies offering any coverage (2 more counties from two weeks ago)
  • 1,300 counties won't have any options for insurance (100 more counties than two weeks ago)

President Trump has stated that it'd be easier politically to let Obamacare collapse and then pass a new system. Given the lack of objectivity in the media coverage of the GOP attempts to replace the existing system, it's near impossible for the average person to have information necessary to attempt to inform themselves as to what it might mean to them. Just yesterday I had someone make an impassioned plea about how the Republican plan would only make the current situation worse. When I asked how, they said that's what I heard in the news. That's the extent of it for just about everyone. The media loves floating around polling data suggesting that Obamacare's more popular than the Republican plan. What they don't say is that next to no one, including the Godless, soulless, slanderous people in the media reporting on the GOP plan, has any substantive information about it. 

Here's CNN's current headline on the GOP bill: "Senate Republican health bill: Pay more, get less" 

Now this is the same CNN that was just busted for it's latest fake news effort to undermine the Trump administration leading to the ouster of three of it's "journalists". And the same CNN that Project Veritas just exposed as deliberately reporting fake Russian Trump news to attempt to undermine the Trump administration and for ratings. But they really do think you're that stupid. They report that with the GOP plan you'll pay more and get less. Provide no comprehensive/empirical information and then ask people if they approve of the plan. When only 18% say they do they report that only 18% approve. See how this works? They can try to keep you ignorant but they can't make you stupid. That's where my info comes into play. As a reminder here's what I've ID'd is currently in the plan:

Again, anything that embraces an insurance first vs. a consumer first market is less than ideal but you at least deserve information so you can make your own judgement. 

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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