The rest of the story. What institutions we view positively

The rest of the story. What institutions we view positively based on political perspective: 

Bottom Line: Last week a lot of attention was drawn to a Pew Research piece that revealed that for the first time on record majorities of all political stripes didn't view college institutions positively for their impact on society. The actual question, which really wasn't reported correctly by most outlets, was this...

  • Which institutions have a positive or negative impact on the way things are going in this country?  

That's a lot different than if you think college is good or bad for example - yet in an effort to advance a false narrative about the intellectual curiosity of Republicans; many in the Godless, soulless, slanderous media portrayed it that way. By the way, the actual answer to that question was that 72% of Democrats thought that colleges were generally having a positive impact on the way things are going in this country compared to 36% of Republicans. Once again I'd like to hear from those who generally feel so positively about academia's influence on society, how they justify the rampant intolerance for those they don't agree with politically? I'd like to know how you'd like to amend the first amendment given that evidently free speech isn't an ideal that holds value to you. The point is that there's a tremendous difference between valuing education and accepting bigotry on college campuses - being subsidized by tax payers no less. But then again I'm not surprised by the reporting or the media depiction given the rampant bigotry in media reporting. But upon further review that wasn't the only interesting narrative from that research report. Here's the next topic the question was asked of...churches:

73% of Republicans say they have a positive impact on the direction of the country - 50% of Democrats do... So let me get this right...Literally half of Democrats don't believe churches have a positive impact on today's society? And notice - the media didn't touch that one. There's more. Here are the remaining categories:

Labor Unions:

Democrats: 59% positive

Republicans: 33% positive

Banks/Financial institutions:

Democrats: 33% positive

Republicans: 46% positive

National News Media:

Democrats: 44% positive 

Republicans: 10% positive

These breakouts demonstrate fascinating dichotomies.

Democrats are most likely to favor the current impact of :

  • Colleges/Universities 
  • Labor Unions
  • National News Media

Republicans are most likely to favor the current impact of:

  • Churches/religious institutions
  • Banks/Financial institutions

It is instructive. As for me, I'm happy to take my chances with taking my ques from God over a member of academia who doesn't believe in an open mind or free speech.

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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