This isn't your typical Apple update - do this one now despite the glitches

This isn't your typical Apple update - do this one now despite the glitches: 

Bottom Line: Ho-hum another Apple update right? Not this time. Late last week Apple released it's iOS 10.3.3 update. It's easy to see this (or actually overlook it altogether) and think that it's just another silly update that might introduce as many glitches as it fixes. What's worse is that to the extent there was any reporting on it in tech circles it generally complained of the glitches it didn't fix (like the inability for some to erase browser history from Safari) and potential new glitches it introduces. I haven't had any issues with the update personally, so I can't speak to any glitches, but this one is different & it's important that if you ever hop on Wi-Fi with your Apple devices, you are updated first... 

Apple didn't want to draw too much attention to this update because they didn't want to advertise the biggest flaw that was discovered with the previous version, or to notify every hacker that their devices are completely vulnerable to them on Wi-Fi without the new update but that was/is the case. In the quick description, Apple states: includes bug fixes and improves the security of your iPhone or iPad 

That's true and entirely subtle. The long story short is that iOS versions prior to 10.3.3 have a vulnerability on Wi-Fi that would allow a hacker to gain access to your device(s). Even on a secure network. So check your devices and glitches be damned. Do the update. The downside of not doing it is potentially a lot worse. 

Here's a link Apple's thread on it:

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