Hysterical Media (Funny or Absurd) Headlines for July 28th:

Hysterical Media (Funny or Absurd) Headlines for July 28th:

Bottom Line: I've ID'd some in the media as generally being Godless, soulless and slanderous (the Godless/soulless thing is a theory...The slanderous part - that's pretty real). I've decided to grab some of the most outrageous headlines to illustrate the point of just how outrageous it's become. Here are today's examples. For my commentary on these headlines click the audio below. 

Here's an excerpt: 

You may be a dead attorney general walking. Still, don't make the president's job any easier by going gently. Don't enable this cowardly lawlessness. Certainly, you serve at the president's pleasure, and he has made his displeasure abundantly clear.  -- you might invoke Eric Holder, President Obama's first attorney general, outlining how the White House and Justice Department should interact. "The legal judgments of the Department of Justice must be impartial and insulated from political influence," Holder wrote in a 2009 memo. "It is imperative that the department's investigatory and prosecutorial powers be exercised free from partisan consideration."

And from this article...

But can a president’s grant of pardons be so extreme, and so detrimental to the integrity of the Republic as to constitute by itself an obstruction of justice? Indeed, that this question is being raised is a sign of how low this country has sunk since Trump became president.

This takes the cake...

The Court of Mad King Donald is not a presidency. It is an affliction, one that saps the life out of our democratic institutions, and it must be fiercely resisted if the nation as we know it is to survive. I wish that were hyperbole.

The material here is amazing and wonderful in it's absurdity simultaneously. Once again, if you look at these through the prism of Donald Trump being President, and more elected Republicans serving in the United States since the 1920's...it's pretty hilarious! The air of desperation, advocacy and instructions for their "resistance" is comical. These people really do take themselves completely seriously! 

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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