Hysterical Media (Funny or Absurd) Headlines for August 2nd:

Hysterical Media (Funny or Absurd) Headlines for August 2nd:

Bottom Line: I've ID'd some in the media as generally being Godless, soulless and slanderous (the Godless/soulless thing is a theory...The slanderous part - that's pretty real). I've decided to grab some of the most outrageous headlines to illustrate the point of just how outrageous it's become. Here are today's examples. For my commentary on these headlines click the audio below. 

If the subtitle of this was and ensured you'd be screwed in the process - we'd be on to something. But again the issue is that many remain more interested in politics than people and real outcomes. Once again the attempt is being made to advance the false narrative that health insurance = healthcare. When the average policy per person costs $6500 per year before you've received any healthcare - insurance doesn't equal healthcare. For tens of millions (42 million to be exact) it prevents the ability to afford healthcare!

Kelly is walking into a White House that looks more like a cock fight than an episode of “The West Wing.”

Excerpt: For the last few months, the Trump presidency has presented analysts with a weird puzzle. The news has been chaotic -- Congress has made multiple attempts to pass new health care legislation, stories tied to Russian interference in the election seem to come out daily, various key White House roles have been vacated and filled and the president has made multiple foreign trips. Yet despite this roller coaster of events, his poll numbers have been shockingly stable. Specifically, Trump’s job approval has hovered around the 40 percent mark for over two months, almost never deviating by more than one percentage point.

After advancing four ideas there's this one: Theory 5: We Don’t Know What’s Going On

When these people talk about “government schools,” they want you to think of an alien force, and not an expression of democratic purpose. And when they say “freedom,” they mean freedom from democracy itself. Among the supporters of the Trump administration, the rhetoric of “government schools” has less to do with economic libertarianism than with religious fundamentalism. 

The material here is amazing and wonderful in it's absurdity simultaneously. Once again, if you look at these through the prism of Donald Trump being President, and more elected Republicans serving in the United States since the 1920's...it's pretty hilarious! The air of desperation, advocacy and instructions for their "resistance" is comical. These people really do take themselves completely seriously! 

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Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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