The Trump Admin: How It Compares To The President's Predecessors

President Donald Trump still lags far behind his predecessors in terms of nominating, confirming and staffing up his administration, even at his 200th day in office. 

Any new administration has to fill approximately 4,000 positions across the government. 

And while no administration can accomplish that task in 200 days, the nonprofit good-government group Partnership for Public Service recommends having the most important 300-400 confirmed by August recess.

To that, Trump hasn't even come close.


CNN reports that as of the start of the August recess, the 4th, Trump had:

  • 277 nominations for key posts, had 
  • 124 nominations confirmed
  • 8 nominations withdrawn

Meanwhile, Barack Obama, and other predecessors, fared far better at the same point. Obama had: 

  • 433 nominations 
  • 310 confirmations

George W. Bush had: 

  • 414 nominations
  • 294 confirmations

Bill Clinton had:

  • 345 nominations
  • 252 confirmations

Trump's rate of 45 percent of nominees confirmed lags behind Obama's 72 percent, Bush's 71 percent and Clinton's 73 percent. 

His nominees have also taken far longer to confirm -- an average of 54 days compared with 41, 35 and 30 respectively.

As for Trump, Partnership for Public Service President Max Stier, who has advised multiple presidents and presidential candidates, including Trump, on transitioning into office, says the President should be prioritizing filling positions if he wants to execute his agenda.

"While the pace of nominations for political appointees has picked up in recent weeks, critical leadership positions remain vacant at almost every agency and department," Stier said. 

"The President must prioritize getting his full team in place. Doing so will strengthen his ability to run the government, achieve his priorities and deal effectively with the inevitable crises that will take place in our complicated and dangerous world."

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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