Money Or Growth: What's More Important In Your Career?

Let's think about it hypothetically: if you bought a $3,000, state-of-the-art refrigerator, would you expect it to keep the food inside fresh without you tending to and replenishing it? If you purchased a $300,000 home, would you expect it to maintain itself? 


Actually, both are pretty silly questions (though, if we can eventually invent a refrigerator that stocks itself and then keeps foods fresh, we're totally hopping on that!). When money is invested, most people want to nurture and treat it with responsibility -- as opposed to throwing it all away. 

However, when it comes to employment, a recent article in Forbes discusses that each new hire costs companies nearly a quarter of a million dollars. In the same way we'd upkeep our new property, shouldn't a new employee, an investment, deserve more than casual upkeep? 

In this day and age, career development has replaced pay as a top perk. 

Nearly 90 percent of millennials consider "continuing education" to be a top reason to choose one organization over the other in terms of career placement. 

It's really no wonder that those educated members of Generation Y cite 'little to no career development' as a reason to jump ship.

So, one the one hand, as business owners, how do we reinforce the nurturing for our employees? 


It's all about creating a company culture, rather than showing a worker to his or her cubicle then washing your hands of them. Plan team building activities (even when they seem a bit corny), and be a mirror for those under the totem pole on your team. 

Set an example. 

You may not realize how much more valuable an experience is over a monetary paycheck.

As employees, ask yourself what you are taking away from the position you are in. What are you gaining? What are you struggling with every day? Even when you do struggle, are you able to find a solution? Is there a support system that you are able to turn to within the workplace to clarify the solution? 

A few extra bucks is never bad. But is the experience of the career more important than the money these days?

Your answers to the above questions should help shed some light on that for you. 

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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