Absurd Media Headlines 8/14/17: Doesn't Get Much More Ridiculous Than This

I've identified some in the media as generally being Godless, soulless and slanderous (the Godless/soulless thing is a theory...The slanderous part - that's pretty real). 

I've decided to grab some of the most outrageous headlines to illustrate the point of just how outrageous it's become. Get ready to face-palm ... here are today's examples. 

Damore's Firing Doesn't Mean What the Right Says It Does Michelle Goldberg, Slate 

"I groaned when I read that Damore had lost his job, as much as he probably deserved it, because this reaction was inevitable. There are few things the right loves more than basking in its own sense of victimization, especially when it can claim the mantle of free speech while doing so."

Will the Blowhard Blow Us Up?   Maureen Dowd, New York Times

These Are Your People, President Trump   Colbert King, Washington Post 

"Duke's people - Trump's people, also - were out in force in Charlottesville with their hate-filled minds, their guns, and a weaponized automobile.That was your crowd down there in Old Virginia, Donald Trump.They were speaking your language, vomiting your sentiments, acting out what animates you from within."

Remove Trump From Office Before He Removes Us Joy-Ann Reid, The Daily Beast


At what point is it fair and necessary to ask if this man, who was handed power by a minority of voters, is fit to wield it?

The material here is amazing and wonderful in it's absurdity simultaneously. 

Once again, if you look at these through the prism of Donald Trump being President, and more elected Republicans serving in the United States since the 1920's...it's pretty hilarious! 

The air of desperation, advocacy and instructions for their "resistance" is comical. These people really do take themselves completely seriously! 

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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