How much would you pay to guarantee a good night’s sleep?:

How much would you pay to guarantee a good night’s sleep?:

Bottom Line: There are no shortage of those of us who struggle to consistently sleep well. This isn't a secret. What is new information is how much we're actually willing to pay per night to guarantee that good night of sleep. According to a study by Mattress Clarity (yes they're trying to sell you a mattress but the info's interesting):

  • Floridians would pay an average of $103 per night (and that's actually not even average)!
  • The average American would pay $120 per night for quality sleep
  • Doctors and nurses would be prepared to pay the most for a good night’s sleep (164 dollars)
  • Folks in Oregon are the least likely to pay up for sleep at $93
  • People from New Hampshire would pay $200 for a good night’s sleep, the most in the U.S.

Now, this is one of those "in theory" questions for a few reasons. The most notable is that a $120 per day equals $43,800 per year. The average full-time employed American is only earning $44,500 gross. So, our idea of what we'd be willing to pay in the moment isn't realistic, still this once again demonstrates have starved many of us are for those perfect nights of peaceful sleep.

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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