Most of us don't buy the hype that technology is coming to take our jobs

Most of us don't buy the hype that technology is coming to take our jobs & other optimistic workplace views:  

Bottom Line: Futurist after futurist, notable executive after notable executive (most notably/loudly Mark Cuban), have suggested that 20%, 40%, even 50% of our jobs will be automated out of existence in the foreseeable future. But are you buying it? The annual workplace study by Gallup suggests that you're probably fact, we're generally pretty optimistic our place in the workplace.  

On the question of if we're worried that we'll lose our job to technology...only 13% are. In fact the was the 2nd lowest area of concern. Here were some of the other results that paint a pretty optimistic picture:  

  • Those worried their job will be moved overseas: 9% 
  • Fear hours will be cut: 16% 
  • Fear of being laid off: 19% 
  • Fear of income loss: 19% 
  • Fear of benefits being reduced: 32% 

So anywhere from 68% to 91% of us feel safe about our all of these potential workplace concerns. This is a really strong economic indicator as well. With most folks feeling pretty secure, it's likely that consumer spending will continue to remain strong for the foreseeable (unless the robots really are coming in force for us😉)

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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