Say goodbye to CNN when you fly

Say goodbye to CNN when you fly

Bottom Line: For years, when you when to the airport, almost any airport, there was a consistent theme. More consistent than even TSA security screens from airport to airport – has been what’s been on the TV screens. CNN. When you're at a gate, there's often been no escape, you're subjected to CNN. Once upon a time this wasn't a controversial thing.

As recently as 2014, most Americans viewed CNN as the most balanced of the news networks politically. Then the 2016 election cycle came around and everything changed. CNN sold out to political interests and hasn't looked back. Btw, that's not conjecture on my part. According to the Media Research Center CNN has been the most biased news network during the Trump administration. That’s made it a regular debate for about half of folks flying in recent years and has led to regular complaints received by airline and airport employees in recent years.

The CNN airport network currently airs in 61 airports. This includes the busiest in the world, Atlanta's and airports thought Florida, like Miami International. What many don’t know is why it’s so pervasive. It’s not a specific preference of any airport or airline. Instead, CNN for 30 years had paid for plays. Now, due to dramatically reduced traffic in airports, CNN is opting not to continue its pay for play network with average fees paid per airport of around $100,000 annually.

As of April 1st, I’m not sure what will be on in most airport terminals but it won’t be CNN. CNN’s airport network signs off on March 31st.

Photo Credit: Getty Images