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The Premise – Brian Mudd’s Eight Keys for Success

The Premise (There are Two Sides to Stories and One Side to Facts) – Brian Mudd’s Eight Keys for Success   

Bottom Line: As part of my annual series, Eight Keys for Success, here’s The Premise...  

The premise is where it all starts. What’s it? Everything. Here’s the textbook definition:  



  • base an argument, theory, or undertaking on.  

If the premise of anything is false, anything built on it will fail too. Take a house for example. You could have the most amazing home equipped with everything you’d always dreamed of but, if the foundation of the home is flawed, it doesn’t matter. It's not a viable structure. It's imperative to establish facts and only embrace the truth for the basis of whatever you’re considering. Never accept a false premise. Here’s another example for you on the most important question of all. What’s the meaning of life?  

We all operate on faith in our beliefs. The question is what we choose to believe. Atheists, for example, will most commonly suggest we’re all products of evolution independent of intelligent design. And the leading theory of the origin of life on our planet among these individuals is that there was a Big Bang which created molecules on this planet which all current life evolved from. Here’s what they can never establish. A premise. Even if we embarrassed all aspects of that explanation, and any related secular theories, they could never explain what created the planets that banged into each other which created the life we all evolved from independent of something existing that’s greater than all of us. They’d simply have you believe that something, and in the case of our world, everything came from nothing. As a matter of fact, any secular origin explanation isn’t plausible or possible and thus provides evidence of proof of a higher power. That’s illustrative of the importance of establishing The Premise. There are two sides to stories and one side to facts.   

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