State House District 87's GOP Primary: Caruso Vs. Justice

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In this Election Spotlight story, the Republican primary for the new District 87 in the Florida House of Representatives.

Current State Rep. Mike Caruso is leaving District 89 for a chance at one that he calls "slightly" more GOP-friendly.

Caruso is challenged by Jane Justice, who refers to herself as the "MAGA candidate" and explains why she's running...

"He considers himself, he calls himself a moderate. And he's not really representing our party. I am a reliable conservative voice and that's what we need in Tallahassee."

Justice says Caruso has upset local Republicans.

"My opponent was censured by the REC (Republican Executive Committee) for endorsing a radical Democrat over a conservative Republican."

Justice also brings up a Palm Beach Post article in which she says the representative criticized the governor for prohibiting the mask mandate, among other claims which you can hear in the full interview with the candidate.

We ran these claims by Caruso.

"My opponent is the one that spearheaded the censure, only to then come along and run against me. So it seems kind of self serving."

He says there were no Republicans running in the race where he endorsed the Democrat and as for the Post article, Caruso says the paper misrepresented what happened.

"In Palm Beach County, our numbers were just skyrocketing here. It was just an open dialogue I had with the governor. You know, I stand behind the governor a hundred percent. Always have."

We asked Justice to grade Gov. DeSantis and she gave him 110% or an A+.

Caruso has served in the Florida House of Representatives since 2018.

"I've passed 13 bills over the last four years that I've sponsored personally."

One of the things Caruso wants to do with another two years in the State House, is tweaking the condo recertification law that was recently passed during a special session.

"And I think we need to readdress that and maybe slightly modify it to provide more of a phase in to the implementation of the bill."

Justice has worked in a variety of different industries, including real estate and her own concierge business. She feels all of this varied experience would be beneficial in the Legislature.

"I think that's excellent because I'll be representing a lot of people up and down a very huge district along the coast, many of whom I work with. You know, we come from all different areas and backgrounds in life and Jane Justice has been able to relate to all of them."

She calls herself a "real people person."

When it comes to school shootings, Justice believes the answer is to do more to secure our schools.

"I'm a true conservative and I defend our Second Amendment rights and I don't think the solution is to take away rights from law abiding citizens."

The winner of the Primary will face Democrat Sienna Osta in the General Election.

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