Florida Senate District 26: Sen. Lori Berman Faces Steve Byers

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A current state senator is running for a newly created seat in Palm Beach County.

Democrat Lori Berman spent eight years in the Florida House before being elected to the Senate in 2018. She served four years in District 31, which has moved to the north with redistricting.

"The thing I'm the most proudest of is the allocations that I've been able to bring home to Palm Beach County. In the last two years I've brought $13 million back to Palm Beach County for all different groups."

Berman also touts legislation she sponsored, which is now law. The Purple Alert went into effect last summer, to help find missing people with developmental disabilities.

Berman's opponent is Republican Steve Byers. He's been involved in a number of businesses, including currently as an insurance claims adjuster. Byers says the property insurance crisis is the biggest issue right now in District 26.

"With my experience and my connections in the insurance industry and knowledge. I'm going to be going up there advocating for the people, not the insurance companies."

HOA law reform is something else Byers wants to tackle in Tallahassee.

Berman's ads focus on abortion rights, something many Democrats around the state are doing, while Republicans are focusing on the economy. We brought that up to the senator.

"I am so happy to talk about economic issues because, remember Florida's been governed by Republicans for the last twenty years. So many of the problems that we're having right now in the state as a result of that."

Byers says voters should choose him because he's not a politician and he will always be available to his constituents.

"I think there needs to be a new ear, a new perspective, a new voice up there. We can't have someone who is just so part of the establishment that 'Oh well, all that is just the way it happens up there.' No. It shouldn't maybe be just the way it happens up there. Maybe we should get more integrity, more honesty and more transparency to the people on what's happening."

Candidate Forum

Photo: Wellington Chamber of Commerce

Byers will be at a candidate forum in Wellington Wednesday night, but Berman has cancelled. He points out that two other Democrats running in other races have also cancelled after agreeing to take part in the event. Berman tells us she had a "family situation" come up.

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