Banionis Vs. Waldron In The Race For Florida House District 93

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The race for a new Palm Beach County seat in the Florida House is in our Election Spotlight.

When asked for the biggest issues in District 93, which covers Wellington and surrounding areas, Democrat candidate Katherine Waldron cites infrastructure and gun control.

"I think only 3 percent of gun shop owners who disobey the law are ever even investigated and the people that end up getting fined or charged are even less than that."

We couldn't substantiate those statistics, but cracking down on so-called "rogue gun dealers" is part of the Biden administration's "Comprehensive Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gun Crime." The Port of Palm Beach Commissioner also cites abortion rights as a key concern.

The Port of Palm Beach Commissioner also says abortion rights is a key concern.

"Abortion is one of the safest procedures out there. It's an actual healthcare procedure for a woman. Women don't get pregnant and use abortion as birth control."

Republican candidate Saulis Banionis is a medical doctor and has different thoughts on the topic.

"It is not healthcare. It's trying to correct something that they no longer wish. So no it's not healthcare. I do think that we need to have exceptions for rape, incest as well as the health of the mother."

Florida's law prohibiting most abortions after 15 weeks does have exceptions when the mother's life is at risk, but not in cases of rape or incest. Dr. Banionis says that if he's elected and the issue comes up, he would work for whatever the residents in District 93 want...calling it a moderate community.

"But again my focus is the economy right now and how can we help everyday people that are hurting in our district in the small businesses in our community. How can we help them? And that's really where our focus needs to be."

Hear more from both candidates on several other issues in the audio players above.

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