Polsky & Reicherter In A Battle For Florida Senate District 30 Seat

Photo: Dorwart, Mike (uploader)

My Election Spotlight series continues with the race for Florida Senate District 30, which has moved from Central Palm Beach County to the South County area and into northern Broward.

Democrat Senator Tina Polsky says the property insurance crisis is the biggest concern for the district.

"It should have been fixed over the last four years under this current administration but it was brushed aside in favor of culture war divisive bills, many of which are unconstitutional, that did not move the ball forward one bit in the state of Florida...just worked to divide us and take away our freedoms."

The governor called lawmakers back to Tallahassee in May...

"We did a special session in three days. That is legislative malpractice in my opinion. There was no testimony. There were no experts. There were no amendments that were accepted. There was no back and forth. It was 'this bill or no bill'"

Polsky says she voted "yes" on the bill because she wanted to do something for her constituents.

Governor DeSantis says he will call another special session later this year, but Polsky says she'd prefer the issue get tackled during the next regular session which starts in March.

Republican candidate Bill Reicherter is a small businessman and licensed contractor. He shares his thoughts about ways to tackle the state's property insurance crisis.

"We need to start by attacking these roof companies that are doing all these fraudulent claims because they're costing us all kinds of money on litigation. And the minute they're found that they committed fraud, their licenses need to be pulled, they need to be fined probably X amount of times the amount of money they took, and they also should either have to go to prison for a small sentence or community service for many years."

Reicherter says he's ready to head to Tallahassee with his ideas, if elected.

"If we get rid of the fraud, I think we can entice insurance companies to come back in. We should absolutely make insurance companies that are writing our car insurances and other insurances that they're profiting from have to write property insurance and not just skip out on that one. But I'm more in the business world it's more of you've gotta start at the root of the problem. If you don't fix the root, you're just gonna keep growing more and more problems."

He also cites mental health and school safety as important issues and both candidates talk about abortion.

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