The New CD-21 Is The Old CD-18: Brian Mast Vs. Corinna Balderramos Robinson

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In our Election Spotlight this day before Election Day, the race for the newly remapped Congressional District 21. It covers the area that WAS District 18...Martin, St. Lucie and parts of Palm Beach County.

Republican Brian Mast, a wounded U.S. Army war vet, was first elected to the U.S. House in 2016.

"Big issues that I work on locally, everybody knows I work on our water...the quality of it. Making sure that we don't get toxic discharges out of Lake Okeechobee into our beautiful coastal waters, our coastal estuaries. Certainly as a veteran, doing everything possible to take care of my veterans...opened up an office in the VA Hospital to help attend to the needs of my fellow veterans."

Mast's Democrat challenger, Corinna Balderramos Robinson, is also an Army veteran. She also worked as Legislative Affairs director in Iraq and as leader of the Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection Directorate at the Pentagon.

Robinson, two years ago, ran unsuccessfully against Republican Gayle Harrell for a Treasure Coast Senate seat. She also lost a Congressional race in South Dakota back in 2014, against Republican Kristi Noem, who is now governor of that state.

Robinson did not reply to requests for an interview, but notes at her campaign site that her priorities include "voting rights, women's reproductive healthcare, gun safety legislation, protecting our environment and a sustainable future." She also refers to Mast as an "extremist."

In addition to the issues he mentioned, Mast is running on several platforms, including the "America First" agenda, defending life, supporting Israel and "draining the swamp."

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