Congressional District 23: Budd, Moskowitz & 2 NPA Candidates Do Battle

Photo: Getty Images

This Election Spotlight entry focuses on the race for an open Congressional seat in the new District 23, covering part of a district that was vacated by Democrat Ted Deutch who left for the private sector.

Joe Budd is Palm Beach County's Republican State Committeeman, a financial advisor and President of Club 45, which was organized to support the "America First" agenda of President Trump.

"America First is just comprehensive of making sure we take care of all Americans first before we start spending too much money on foreign wars and you know, sending $40 billion to Ukraine when we have schools that are vulnerable here at home."

Budd faces Democrat Jared Moskowitz, Florida's former Director of Emergency Management, but tells me that this "blue" district has a good shot of swinging to the "red" in today's election.

"The map has been redrawn completely different than what it used to be. This is a seat that is now winnable for a Republican. The Democrats, according to the Cooke Political Report, only have a five percent advantage."

We couldn't reach Moskowitz for an interview.

Two NPA candidates are also in this race, Mark Napier and Christine Scott.

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