Casale Vs. Long In Race For Delray Beach Commission, Seat 2

Photo: Getty Images

One of two races in the City of Delray Beach is in our Election Spotlight. Incumbent City Commissioner Juli Casale wants a second term after first being elected to Seat 2 in 2020. She says she's earned it.

"My actions as a city commissioner. The other day I found $2.5 million that was misallocated and I'm asking (for) it to be removed from the portion of the budget that it was misallocated to. I'm protecting the taxpayers' finances."

Casale's being challenged by Rob Long, who has served on several Boards within Delray Beach and is the former Chair of the Palm Beach County Soil and Water Conservation District.

"We've seen what I call I think a toxic culture and a culture of retribution. It's really eminating from the mayor and to a certain degree my opponent who votes in lock step with the mayor and helps sort of perpetuate that culture unfortunately. We've seen a lot of different elements of that. I think Old School Square was a primary example of what to me was a political decision that hurt residents."

He's referring to the city's termination of a lease with a nonprofit that was operating Old School Square. It's the subject of a lawsuit and Casale explains the reasons for the decision to terminate that lease.

The candidates also talk about public safety, including a recent water issue in the city.

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