Voters In Town Of Lake Park Have One Race To Weigh In On

Voting sign on the walkway

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There is only one race for the Town Commission in the Town of Lake Park.

It's to fill the seat being left vacant by Commissioner Roger Michaud. That's because he was the only candidate to run for mayor after Mike O'Rourke resigned at the end of last year.

Three people are running for that empty seat. Patricia Leduc is a realtor, Rafael Moscoso is a U.S. Army veteran and Judith Thomas is a teacher at Lake Worth Middle School.

Leduc has her eye on spurring business growth in the town, while avoiding the need for new high-rises.

Moscoso says on his Facebook page that the town is being run like a business instead of a community. He says that means the residents are treated more like customers, citing the process for looking into adding speed bumps to one neighborhood and saying that only costs seem to matter, not safety. He wants to change that.

Thomas lists among her priorities, encouraging redevelopment, helping small businesses and getting more workforce housing built in Lake Park.

Anyone who wants to vote by mail in the March 14th municipal elections must request a ballot be mailed to them before 5 p.m. on Saturday March 4.

Vote-by-Mail ballot requests made before last year's November General Election expired on December 31st. This new mail ballot request will have you covered through next year's elections.

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