Six Charter Amendment Proposals & Bond Referendum In Tequesta

Photo: Getty Images

We are one week away from the Palm Beach County municipal elections and in our Election Spotlight is the Village of Tequesta.

There are no races on the ballot, but voters will be asked to weigh in on six amendment's to the village's Charter and a bond referendum.

Among the Charter amendments, brought on by a review from a board that was established in 2021, is one that would increase terms for councilmembers from two years to three and add new term limits of three consecutive terms.

Another question asks whether to amend the Charter to require a referendum and voter approval prior to any future consideration by the Village Council to dissolve, abolish or outsource the Tequesta Police Department or Fire Rescue. This as a number of local municipalities have turned to the Sheriff's Office and County Fire Rescue to provide their services.

The 20-year, 10-million dollar bond referendum would be to finance acquisition of environmentally sensitive, waterfront or recreation lands or lands for open spaces or a number of other uses.

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