U.S. Rep. Mast: Bill Is All About Connecting Veterans With Congress

Brian Mast

Brian Mast

Two Florida U.S. Representatives have announced bipartisan legislation to make it easier to open Congressional offices at VA medical centers.

"Congress is tasked with oversight of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and I always tell folks 'if you want to really understand a problem or issues, you've got to be present for them'."

Palm City Congressman Brian Mast is a wounded war veteran, but he knows many members of the House didn't serve and says that opening an office at a VA facility will give them a better knowledge of veterans' issues.

Republican Mast's office opened in January of last year at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center and he shares it with three other representatives, all of whom are Democrats, as is Darren Soto, the Orlando Congressman who is sponsoring the bill with Mast.

They want veterans around the country to have the same access, so Mast and Soto have filed the "Improving Veterans Access to Congressional Services Act".

"I'd love to see this replicated by all 435 members of Congress, regardless of their political party in every single VA across the country."

He says it's all about giving America's heroes an easier way to get help from their lawmakers.

"A lot of folks that may not have taken the time to go and find us at one of our other offices are taking the time because it's so convenient for them and that means we're doing something great for our veterans."

Soto operates a Congressional field office at the Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center and also shares it with other representatives.

Mast says these two Florida offices are the only ones operating at VA facilities in the nation.

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