FHP: 12 Foot Gator Found Along I-10 Near Tallahassee

An FHP dispatcher posted to her Facebook page about receiving a call for an alligator on the side of the road off I-10 near Tallahassee...

She figured it was more likely tire tread instead of a "swamp lizard" and called in a company that deals with removing alligators that are a nuisance.

Turns out the gator was 12 foot 1 inches long, weighed in at 463 pounds, and named "Nascar Allie Gator."

Unfortunately the gator was trying to cross the highway and was struck by a passing semi.

According to the comments from the Facebook post the trappers cannot release alligators longer than 4 feet back into the wild.

Now that's a big gator!

Photo by: Getty Images

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