Citizenship Question on the 2020 U.S. Census Irks Florida Democrats

An inaccurate count could impact the distribution of political power in Congress and the state Legislature for the next decade.

But Dominic Calabro president of business-backed Florida TaxWatch, isn’t worried about which items appear on the questionnaire.

During a news conference Wednesday supporting census participation, Calabro said his focus remains on getting all communities to take part.

“Whatever the questions are, we want them to be fully and properly answered and responded to, so that we make Florida count.”

Census data collected every ten years is used for numerous reasons, including the allocation of billions of federal tax dollars and the redistribution of seats in Congress. 

“Regardless of what the final result is, our goal is to have an accurate count that is a welcoming process where people want to come out and participate.”

They've pushed Governor Ron DeSantis to approve a statewide committee to make sure all residents in Florida are counted.

But that effort has gone nowhere.



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