Florida's Most & Least Educated Cities, According To WalletHub

Several Florida metro areas are on a list of the Most and Least Educated Cities in America, but a majority of them show up in the bottom half, including the lowest ranked in the state, Ocala, which ranks 142 out of 150.

"Right now in Ocala, only about 6 percent of the population has a graduate or professional degree. Those numbers correlate when we look at Bachelors Degrees, Associate Degrees, diplomas as well."

Wallethub analyst Jill Gonzalez says that compares with Florida's highest ranking metro, Tallahassee at 15th overall, which has about 20 percent of its population holding graduate or professional degrees.

She says being home to Florida State University helps with that.

Six of the metro areas in the state are above average, while 8 are below average. The Orlando-Kissimmee area is ranked 67th out of 150, while Jacksonville is 75.

The Miami metro, which includes Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach ranks 80th out of 150.

"The number of people with a high school diploma or higher could be better. That number ranked 129th...definitely closer to the bottom here than the top of the rankings."

She says South Florida would have ranked even lower overall if it wasn't for schools like the University of Miami and FIU.

"For the average quality of universities the area ranked 50th, so that would be above average."

For Florida's west coast, the Naples area was in the top 50, but Fort Myers-Cape Coral is ranked 108th.

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