Conversion Therapy Ban Pushed by Florida Democrats

Legislation filed for the 2020 session would ban use of the controversial practice known as “conversion therapy” on minors in Florida.

Conversion therapy is a practice in which doctors or therapists attempt to change the sexual orientation of a person, often through prayer and counseling.

House bill sponsor Michael Greico says most reputable psychiatric groups oppose the practice, but some therapists are still using it.

“It sickens me that the state of Florida issues professional licenses to individuals who essentially abuse children.”

Randy Thomas was a conversion therapy patient years ago, and until 2013 worked with an organization that tried to change people’s sexual orientation.

Thomas says conversion therapy gives a false sense of hope to some parents who are in denial that their children are gay.

“It is time for Florida to stop this abuse, to realize the destruction, the deadliness and the damage that conversion therapy is doing within our borders every single day.”

Neither the House nor Senate version of the bill has been heard yet by a legislative committee, ahead of the regular session that starts in January.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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