Florida Man Chosen To Decorate The White House For Christmas

A Florida man is about to realize a lifelong dream.

"I've just always talked about, 'Wouldn't it be cool to go to Washington D.C. to decorate the White House for Christmas'."

Alec Hritz is an Air Force veteran who owns 3 Dolls Interiors in Crestview, near Pensacola. He thanks his wife for making it happen.

"She wrote a letter and she mailed it to the White House and then I got an email saying they received the letter. Two, three weeks later I got an email saying 'you've been accepted and we want you to do it'."

The White House told Hritz he chosen from thousands of applicants. The design team can include anywhere from 100 to 200 members.

He's light on details, but looked into past Christmases at the White House.

"From what I have researched in years past, it has been the First Lady's decision on what she wants to do with the White House for the holidays and it is the design team that brings her ideas to life."

In the midst of impeachment hearings and athletes who refuse to visit the White House, Hritz says he hasn't heard from anyone trying to dissuade him.

"No, and I personally think that has nothing to do with this operation or the holiday season. I just think we need to put all of that aside and enjoy the moment."

In fact, Alec says he's heard from a lot of well-wishers.

"I have received nothing but accolades and thank you's and total support."

Hritz, who is a supporter of President Trump, calls it an honor and says it shouldn't matter how you feel about who is in the White House.

Alec heads to DC on November 24th and will be working with a team of designers through December 3rd.

Photo: Getty Images

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