Police Warn Of Porch Pirates

An Amazon Prime delivery driver is credited with stopping a porch pirate in Palm Beach County.

Boynton Beach Police released video yesterday of a woman apparently stealing a package from a home, but after the driver confronted her, she dropped the package in the bushes and took off.

Elsewhere, police in Miramar and Coral Gables are on the lookout for porch pirates, but they can't be everywhere.

They tell CBS 4 News you should have packages delivered to a store for pickup or to the home of a neighbor you know will be home.

In another effort to defeat porch pirates, UPS has expanded its list of alternate delivery locations for this holiday season.

Steve Gaut, a UPS delivery location expert, calls it an obvious move.

UPS is offering a reward of up to $35 to encourage Americans to try alternate delivery sites.

Its Access Point Network now has nearly 15,000 pickup locations.