Coast Guard To Boaters: File A Float Plan, It Could Save Your Life

United States Coast Guard Emblem

United States Coast Guard Emblem

Before you set sail, file a float plan. That word from the Coast Guard after a rescue this week off the coast of Fort Pierce.

"Especially because he did file that float plan, it was a huge portion of the success of this mission. Because he was able to file that float plan with friends and family and they were able to contact the Coast Guard, and that helped us be able to have a point of reference to start from to go search for Mr. Skiff."

Justin Skiff was uninjured when crews found him nearly 24 hours after leaving a dock in Stuart.

His boat ran out of gas in rough surf.

Coast Guard spokesman Jonathan Lally says you can file that plan right on your phone, through the U.S. Coast Guard app.

The Coast Guard also urges boaters to have the proper safety equipment on board, including flares, beacons and VHF radios and to watch out for each other while reporting any suspicious activity.

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