4 New Solar Power Plants Go Online, Part Of Why May FPL Bills Will Be Lower

If you have Florida Power and Light, your electric bill this month will be about 25 percent lower.

That's because the power giant has been saving money on fuel costs due to an expanding number of solar power and natural gas plants.

FPL spokesman Chris McGrath says they typically spread the savings out over a series of months, but...

"Given the economic uncertainty with COVID-19 and everything with this pandemic, we really wanted to get those fuel savings back to customers as quickly as we possibly could."

The average residential customer will see about a $20 drop in their May bill, but McGrath advises that come June, the discount goes away.

He also says that customers enrolled in budget billing will not see the discount this month.

Florida Power and Light is boosting its solar power with some brand new plants that went online Friday.

"These four plants are just the next step in our plan to install 30 million solar panels across Florida by 2030. Another step in making Florida really a world leader in solar."

The solar power plants are in Manatee, Okeechobee, Palm Beach and Suwannee counties.

McGrath says there are now more than two dozen of these plants across the state, powering hundreds of thousands of homes.

He also talks about the Solar Together program, for those who want more solar power, but don't want the costs incurred with purchasing and installing panels on your roof.

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