Florida Sheriff On Floyd Case: "Bad Training, Bad Policy, Bad Everything"

The violence continues in Minneapolis where an unarmed black suspect died after a police officer kneeled on his neck for several minutes.

Things escalated even further on Thursday night as rioters set on fire the police station where the four officers involved in George Floyd's arrest worked, before they were fired. Officers had to evacuate the building and were reportedly rescued from the roof by a helicopter.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw is speaking out about the violence that's erupted.

"They should protest but to use it as an excuse to go break into buildings and steal TV's and smash windows out and burn buildings and all that, that ain't the way you get anything done."

As for the video, showing Floyd with a knee on his neck while he struggled. Bradshaw says that should have never happened.

"It's obviously a lack of proper training, a lack of proper policies. It's absolutely, positively uncalled for."

The sheriff says his agency trains against that type of action.

"We don't train to put knees on necks or strangle people or carotid artery holds."

Some are using this incident as a way to push an anti-police agenda, but Bradshaw says most cops are good and the same goes for those who are exercising their right to protest.

"You've got bad cops here, but don't paint everybody with the same brush. The same thing is don't paint the legitimate protestors that they're part of the what I call 'street thugs' that use this as an opportunity to go break into businesses and burn houses and cars."

Many are upset that there hasn't been an arrest yet, but Sheriff Bradshaw says that's likely because the cop was on the job.

"There's a little presumption that they were in the performance of their duty to start with. It's going to turn out that that's not going to be true all the way through become at some point in time it turned into they're negligent and he died at the hands of those officers. It's apples and oranges, it's not the same."

He's urging patience in the George Floyd case.

"I know everybody wants something to happen immediately, but that's just not the way that system is going to work in that particular instance there."

Photo: Getty Images