Elderly Residents Want Vaccine Phone Line Restored As They Can't Use Email

Elderly residents complain about having to send an email to set an appointment for the COVID vaccine.

"Because we don't use the computer. We don't know how."

86-year old Harriet Shapiro of Delray Beach says she's tried to get someone on the phone, to no avail.

The county's appointment line crashed, but State Representative Emily Slosberg says it needs to be back up.

"This is life and death for them and for them to just have more anxiety trying to get through, it's unacceptable."

The Democrat is requesting an expanded phone system and more staff to answer calls.

She also asked the governor for more than 70,000 vaccine doses to be sent to southern Palm Beach County, an area with one of the oldest populations in the state.

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Photo: CBS 12

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