South Florida Pro-Trump Activist Organizes "Largest Ever" Trump Welcome

The call is out to give President Trump the "largest welcome home greeting ever" on Wednesday. That word from members of Club 45 U.S.A.

It's being organized by Willy Guardiola.

"(It) may be the last time that we see President Trump driving down Southern Boulevard in his motorcade. And I say may be because I know he's gonna be back maybe in 2024 or maybe something's gonna happen at this so-called Inauguration. I still don't see Joe Biden putting his left hand on the Holy Bible."

He's the same man who made headlines when he said "Something is going to happen before the 20th" and predicted violence at the 50 state capitols, leading to law enforcement beefing up patrols nationwide.

Guardiola says he's not calling for violence, condemning what happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

"It's gonna be a divine intervention, is what I truly feel is gonna take place."

He believes that divine intervention will come in the form of the military and law enforcement taking action.

"And once that first arrest is made, whether it's (James) Clapper or (John) Brennan or (James) Comey or (Andrew) McCabe or (Lisa) Page, that's what I'm praying to God happens. They go after the real criminals."

In the meantime, he expects to see one of the largest local gatherings of Trump supporters along Southern Boulevard to the east of I-95.

"I'm anticipating about 1,000 people and they're coming from Miami, Naples, Orlando...from all over."

In his notice to fellow supporters of the outgoing president, Guardiola uses the letters "G.G.T.," which he says has gotten him a lot of attention from authorities and media types who thought it was something devious. But Willy says it simply stands for "God's Got This."

Pres. Trump is expected to arrive at PBIA at 11 a.m. and head down Southern Boulevard in his motorcade to Mar-a-Lago, where he and his family are expected to spend their post-White House years.

Here's a portion of Guardiola's email:

We are asking everybody to join us this Wednesday, January 20, on Southern Blvd, just 3 minutes east of the PBIA and one block east of the I-95 Southern Blvd exit, to welcome "The Greatest President in American History" on his last day in office, for now. We will be on the south (right side) of Southern Blvd, where we are asking everyone to arrive between 9:00 - 9:30 am in order to be able to park in the vacant lot that Alan Mentser has secured for us. It will be First Come - First Serve basis for this particular parking lot. You can also park anywhere on Southern Blvd, from that Publix shopping center all the way down to the little Greek church before the bridge. We want the entire Southern Blvd to be packed with us diehard Trump supporters waving signs, flags & banners showing our POTUS that WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE HIS BACK FOREVER!

Photo: Willy Guardiola