Appeals Court Hears Case Of Former Cop Who Killed Corey Jones

An appeals court on Wednesday heard oral arguments in the case of Nouman Raja, the former Palm Beach Gardens police officer convicted in the death of Corey Jones.

Raja is serving a 25 year prison term for the 2015 shooting death of Jones, whose SUV broke down along the I-95 exit ramp to PGA Boulevard in the middle of the night.

Raja claimed he acted in self-defense when he shot 31-year old Jones, as he watched the man pull a gun on him. But the former cop was convicted of manslaughter and attempted first -degree murder.

Raja's lawyer told the Fourth District Court of Appeal that jurors didn't receive proper instructions and argued that the charges amount to "double jeopardy," against his client.

Prosecutors say the conviction should stand because Raja never identified himself to Jones as a police officer. He was undercover at the time.

The court did not issue a ruling.

Photo: Getty Images